Apr 4, 2010

Spring Break

Number 12... A weeks vacation was exactly what I needed. Hell...it's what everybody needs. Spring Break is a little reward that comes when working in education and I made sure to make every second count. I took Fred to my parents and headed to the airport with two friends bound for Vegas (again)! On the flight there a woman sitting next to me decided to pull her phone out and call somebody as the plane was literally in mid-air! So I told her to get off of the phone and that started some drama. I had to sit for the remainder of the flight and listen to her try and explain why she should be able to use the phone and in the end they were all stupid reasons and probably came down to her using crack. But the best moment...we land in Vegas and she immediately gets on the phone and tells the person on the other line that she is sitting next to two F!@#ing C!@#S!!!! Yep...fill in the blanks everybody. She actually said it out loud and that created even a bigger moment. People in the seats in front all turned around and said something to her, people behind us said something and the flight attendants made her stay until we all exited.

Anybody else have crazy airplane stories?