Jul 29, 2010

I'm so flattered

I am doing a guest post on a blog that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to read. I appreciate Ms. Sassy allowing me to post something on her blog and add to my list making it #23. I started writing this blog as simply a place to express myself. Over the years I have gained friendships, learned a lot about myself and others and even gained a few followers who comment from time to time. This is still a place for me to think and feel out loud and something about has allowed me to write on somebody's blog. Thank you so much Ms. Sassy!

Jul 19, 2010

T-shirts, tools, corn and dog collar

Those were just the beginning of things I saw yesterday. I may have hit an all time low yesterday when I was trying to add new items to my list. Number 22...I went to the flea market. I don't know what that looks like in other locations, but in Colorado there is one flea market and I have NEVER actually had any desire to visit. But when a friend asked me to join and help find the perfect item (what was it again) I couldn't come up with another excuse.

It was 100 degrees, crowded and random. There were rows and rows of "prize" items that everybody needed to buy. I was honestly surprised at how many booths were selling dresses (okay they were really just long shirts but being sold as dresses) and that there were actually woman in there dishing out money. I walked by a man selling old dish towels to a young couple.

We left empty handed...well we did buy a bag of giant marshmallows simply because they were so big and had a few beers to keep us cool. It was a fun people watching experience but probably a one time experience.

Jul 18, 2010

What would you do?

#21...for a Klondike bar. I grew up in a family were life was pretty black and white. My parents always wanted to feel comfortable in the body and that usually involved dieting. So every week consisted of chicken breasts (skinless of course), broccoli, squash, fish...you get the point. We didn't have treats around the house EVER. No cookies, ice cream, pop, pizza or basically anything that was considered junk food. And it was branded in my brain that I could eat ice cream, cookies, pizza...without becoming the largest woman on the planet.

I haven't followed that 100% but there are many things I haven't experienced. And one of those was a Klondike bar! I love those commercials and sing the song all of the time. This weekend had a BBQ with friends and we just did it. We all had a Klondike bar and talked about what we would all do for another. Travel to Mars, make-out with the neighbor, jump off a cliff (into water) all were thrown out there. What about you?

Jul 17, 2010

Its HOT!!!!

101 degrees in the forecast today and it has been two weeks of heat. I love summer but would like a little break for maybe just one day. So many updates and so little creativity to write something moving. So I know that we all hate bullets but it's the best way for me to get past my writers block! So here it goes...

A. My back is still out but slowly improving. In fact, I was finally able to move the chair out of the bathroom and can officially stand up on my own. It does take a long time but finally!

B. Ethel is resting well at home now after her spay appointment and is able to use her sad eyes to sucker me into giving her more treats.

C. Fred is using his look to guilt me into getting treats because Ethel did...

D. Number 20 on my list. I had my meeting with the endocrinologist on Thursday and we have started the process. I gave 9 vials of blood and they ran a bunch of tests, have ordered more tests and started the ball rolling.

E. I am going back to work on Monday! YUCK! So it's time to get myself ready and back to the world of alarm clocks and full days. New building, new job, new people, new start.

Jul 13, 2010

Just a thought

I remodeled my bathroom two years ago (OMG...it's been a long time) and I was adamant about putting in a taller toilet. They are called chair height and are suppose to be such an upgrade. So I got it in there and from the moment that it was installed I have regretted that decision. When I am sitting my feet don't touch the floor. And as if that weren't embarrassing enough...now that my back is out I had to move a chair in there to help me lower and rise off of the seat. Really....

Jul 9, 2010

It's time

I have been stuck in my house for so long...all summer break to be exact. I have a bad back and can barley walk from from to room. So today I was back at my doctor trying to find some resolution and while I was waiting for the x-ray tech I saw the endocrinology room. Reproductive endocrinology to be exact. So I walked in and scheduled an appointment to start the process. I want a baby and I can keep waiting for everything to fall into place but hell I'm not sure it will ever actually happen. And I am not getting any younger so it's time to just start the process. I want to be a mom and this is a option available to a single, gay woman. I'm scared but excited and ready to start what I feel might be a very long process.

My last post was about my best friend and one of the things that I love about him so much is his zest for life. And I talked with him last night on his new adventure and he promised to still be a permanent fixture in my life (ie. in my child's life). So today I took the first step to try and do one thing that I really want...to be a mom.

Jul 6, 2010

There's no crying in moving

That's what I told myself over and over again this entire weekend. My best friend drove off into the sunset this afternoon with his partner. They have been dreaming of higher educational opportunities and today marks the beginning of their adventure. Moving 1,000 miles away to pursue this opportunity and explore another way of life.

I am happy, excited and proud for my friend. He has had some major ups and downs over the years and finally life seems to be all coming together for him. He has found love. He has found a man who is kind, smart, funny and full of energy who gets him, loves him, respects him and appreciate all of the little moments. He has found peace within himself and who he is regardless of other people's opinions. He has found peace with family and that has been a very long time coming. And more than anything after years of dreaming of a career he is now going to take the steps to make that happen. All of those reasons make me happy for him...

But at the moment I'm sitting here crying because my best friend isn't going to be around for awhile. And I have depended on him for so long that it does scare me to think that we can't just "get together" in free moment. But no matter how many miles there are he will always be my best friend and I wish him only the best!

Jul 3, 2010

So a little off my goal

I had this great idea that making a goal to do 100 new things in a year would be an easy task. Hmmm...but then reality took over and finding 100 new experiences has been a bit of a challenge. There have been things that count as a new experience but isn't what I had in mind for this goal so I refuse to add on the list. And then I realized that it has been almost one month since my last post and I hate that more than anything. So here are a few updates over the past month (and yep I'm going to use the bullet system):

#16 - Wine tours in Sonoma (Bay Area). My mom and I went on a trip to San Francisco right after my birthday for a week. We did so many wine tours (and purchased so many random wines) that somebody might mistake me for a wine expert. LOL!

#17 - I saw a whale! On the same trip my mom and I were sitting by the ocean looking out at the sunset drinking wine. The entire trip I kept telling my mom how much I wish a whale would just jump out of the water. And then all of a sudden I saw it...a head and then the puff of water. We sat for another half hour and watched three whales come up and down seeing both heads and tails. So fun!

#18 - DIY network I'm back. I have designed a new floor plan for my basement. Remember a couple of years ago when I remodeled my bathroom...I had to tear the basement apart to have access to electrical and plumbing. It's time to finish the basement and it is all my design. Now if I could just use somebody else money.

#19 - Attended puppy training. Since Ethel is my first puppy it seemed to make sense that I also needed to take classes. So...we have gone for seven weeks (every Thursday) to learn basic commands, build confidence and mostly to laugh at the look of pure joy while she plays with all of the other uncoordinated pups.

There are more but that's enough for now. I'll be back more frequently and hope that there are still readers. Happy July 4th weekend.