Jul 3, 2010

So a little off my goal

I had this great idea that making a goal to do 100 new things in a year would be an easy task. Hmmm...but then reality took over and finding 100 new experiences has been a bit of a challenge. There have been things that count as a new experience but isn't what I had in mind for this goal so I refuse to add on the list. And then I realized that it has been almost one month since my last post and I hate that more than anything. So here are a few updates over the past month (and yep I'm going to use the bullet system):

#16 - Wine tours in Sonoma (Bay Area). My mom and I went on a trip to San Francisco right after my birthday for a week. We did so many wine tours (and purchased so many random wines) that somebody might mistake me for a wine expert. LOL!

#17 - I saw a whale! On the same trip my mom and I were sitting by the ocean looking out at the sunset drinking wine. The entire trip I kept telling my mom how much I wish a whale would just jump out of the water. And then all of a sudden I saw it...a head and then the puff of water. We sat for another half hour and watched three whales come up and down seeing both heads and tails. So fun!

#18 - DIY network I'm back. I have designed a new floor plan for my basement. Remember a couple of years ago when I remodeled my bathroom...I had to tear the basement apart to have access to electrical and plumbing. It's time to finish the basement and it is all my design. Now if I could just use somebody else money.

#19 - Attended puppy training. Since Ethel is my first puppy it seemed to make sense that I also needed to take classes. So...we have gone for seven weeks (every Thursday) to learn basic commands, build confidence and mostly to laugh at the look of pure joy while she plays with all of the other uncoordinated pups.

There are more but that's enough for now. I'll be back more frequently and hope that there are still readers. Happy July 4th weekend.

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