Jul 18, 2010

What would you do?

#21...for a Klondike bar. I grew up in a family were life was pretty black and white. My parents always wanted to feel comfortable in the body and that usually involved dieting. So every week consisted of chicken breasts (skinless of course), broccoli, squash, fish...you get the point. We didn't have treats around the house EVER. No cookies, ice cream, pop, pizza or basically anything that was considered junk food. And it was branded in my brain that I could eat ice cream, cookies, pizza...without becoming the largest woman on the planet.

I haven't followed that 100% but there are many things I haven't experienced. And one of those was a Klondike bar! I love those commercials and sing the song all of the time. This weekend had a BBQ with friends and we just did it. We all had a Klondike bar and talked about what we would all do for another. Travel to Mars, make-out with the neighbor, jump off a cliff (into water) all were thrown out there. What about you?


SP said...

Hmm, that depends on the day. Sometimes I could walk by one and not even blink. Others I would contemplate killing my own mother for one.

Question for ya: I'm going out of town soon and was hoping you'd do a guest post for me. Email me? sosassypants at gmail dot comm

us2 said...

good question ...now if it was a frozen snicker bar ..i would be tempted by a truth or dare....ha
take care k

us2 said...

now if it were a frozen snicker bar i would be tempted by a truth or dare..ha
take care k