Sep 30, 2009

Be careful what you want

I love those commercials about identity theft. That old couple that talks about wanting to go hang at the mall, cruise around and just hang with their friends. Love it! But when it happens to you...not so funny.

I got a call several weeks ago that my credit card had been compromised and needed to be canceled and a new card reordered. I thought it was a minor inconvenience at the moment but now it's a different story. Today I got the actual bill...these idiots did a road trip and ate better then I have in years, stayed at amazing hotels, filled their tank of gas so many times that I think they must have rented a semi-truck for the trip. And lastly...they bought hundreds of dollars worth of crap at Walmart and Target!!!! want to steal my identity then you get to take it all. You get to wake up every day and go to a job that is full of stress and assholes. You go to bed lonely and wondering how you will afford certain items for your house, friends, family...etc. You get go to gym and sweat your ass off just to fit into those jeans every week. You want it...I'm happy to share. But you have to take all of it not just part. But instead you decide to take the easy way in life and stealing credit cards, taking vacations and letting other people sort through the chaos.

Not as funny as on t.v.! Happy Hump Day!

Sep 26, 2009

How does that work?

Cough, sniff, aches...YUCK! Flu shots have never been my favorite item invented but this year I have started to think differently. My niece spent the night with me and we talked about all of the yucky germs floating around our schools. So first thing this morning we decided to get a flu mist! I had heard of the mist before but never experienced such magic. I wasn't expected to feel much except for that rush of wet up my nose that would drip, drip, drip. NOTHING! There was no dripping, no feeling...nothing! I hope there was something in that thing to make sure the flu stays away!

Sep 22, 2009 isn't....

and wasn't what I wanted...

Just is...

Sep 20, 2009

Missed you all

I haven't written anything for a LONG time! I haven't even had the chance to read many of your posts either and that just sucks. Blogging was an experiment when I started but it has turned out to be something that I love. I have made good friends, shared things that seemed impossible to share and laughed while writing and ready all of your blogs. Sometimes as you gets in the way of the things we love. I can't fix everything right away, but I can fix allowing all of the crazy things in the world take away one of the true pleasures in my life. So...I'm back and will do better.

My job is sooooo crazy right now that I haven't had time to do anything that I love and that has made me cranky. And my boss...well you know how I feel on that topic. So when I was told that I needed to work more (hmmm...more than my 60 hours a week recently) I snapped. About a month ago I went to Vegas for a friends b-day party and found the perfect shirt to describe how I feel about him and others at various times. It's so inappropriate that I felt wild just for buying...let alone actually putting it on. The phrase is simple, direct and clear!!!! F@#% YOU...YOU F@#%ING F@!&!!! actually says symbols!

So my response on Friday to his statement the day before. I wore the shirt! Okay...I wore it underneath another shirt, but all day long I felt better just knowing it was there. And this week my response to him...working a lot less hours and loving it!