Nov 28, 2009

Back from paradise

I made it back from my quick trip to Mexico and had so many random experiences. I know that the bullet format is yucky but seems to be the most appropriate at this point.
  • I loved Mexico and was quickly reminded of the beauty in the beaches, ocean and resorts. But I also realized that things are much more Americanized than ever before...with a Starbucks in short walking distance from most activities. And the expenses of cab rides, fresh fish and even beer which at times was $6 for a Mexican beer have also been Americanized!
  • The biggest shock of my trip was that in ever bathroom a sign was posted reminding guests to not flush toilet paper but instead throw into the trash can next to toilet. Loved Mexico but was never so happy to come home and flush my toilet with the paper.
  • My parents were happy to be in Mexico and share with me their celebration of 40 years of marriage. We made sure to drink enough throughout the trip to redefine CELEBRATION!
  • There was a drunk evening when my parents shed tears about their love with each other, shed tears about my mom being forced to retire within the next week and they shed tears about feeling sad that my life isn't exactly the way they hoped it to be...
  • After four hours of golf I returned to the hotel room with at least 50 mosquito bites and after the entire trip I now sit on my couch with over 100 from the top of my head to my toes!
And those were just a few of the highlights from my trip. Overall it was a nice break from the day to day life and loved sitting on the beach and not at my desk! It was fun to spend time with my parents and see that after 40 years of marriage and 50 years of being a couple they are still wildly in love. I came home feeling grateful for the experience, inspired that love might actually work, mesmerized by the beauty and relieved for toilets that can flush toilet paper!

Nov 22, 2009

Mexico here I come!!!!

It's Thanksgiving break from work (thank goodnes) and it's my parents 40th wedding anniversary! Can you believe it....40 years! I can only hope to be that lucky some day but by the time I celebrate 40 years I'll be so old that Mexico won't be an option. So....I am leaving in the morning with my parents to go and soak up the sun, drink some Mexican beer, scuba dive, golf and mostly part my butt in the sand and relax. This is exactly what my parents wanted to do for a celebration. A family vacation to rest, relax, play and just be together.

So I will be back hopefully tan, rested and grateful for my family. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Nov 9, 2009

Who said…

That’s not fair! I hear that every day at least twenty times a day. I hear it from kids, parents, staff members…I hear it over and over again. I don’t hear it from people who are struggling to pay bills, find food, stay safe…I hear it from those who got a ticket, failed because of lack of attendance, because we cancelled an extracurricular event due to lack of participation and even because they are being held accountable for cursing at me. And it’s at those moments when I fight yelling that life isn’t fair! And how did they ever think life was fair. Life has disappointments, struggles and things can be unfair.
That is the problem with this generation. So I know that it’s official that I now sound like an old person. But it’s true, every generation has an “issue” and for this generation it’s the belief that life is fair. They believe that “it’s” their right…no matter what is in question. They trust that their parents will fix it at any time they need. They believe that all of the good things come become they are entitled and they wear it like a crown.
And parents reinforce that thinking every day. Not all parents, but I can honestly say that daily I get phone calls and visits from parents telling me how things should be for their kid because that’s what is FAIR. Regardless of the situation; regardless of the behavior and simply just because it should be.
I love kids and they are my passion. I want them to feel prepared to enter the world prepared to handle the bumps, curves, joys and hurts. And I am frustrated that their biggest hurdle is usually the vision of the world presented by the people who love them the most. I know that when a parent hovers to protect, harasses to modify circumstances and/or demands fairness they are doing it from a good place. But if I could hold a mirror up for them to see into the future it would show their child crimpled because they do not have the skills to face struggle, disappointment, hurt and unfair treatment.
Okay, I will step off of my soapbox.