Jul 12, 2017

Coming home...again

This blog has always been such a big part of my adult life.  Even thought I have left it for years at a time, I think about it regularly with always positive feelings.  I am protective of this part of my life because it's the place that I grew up and experienced highs, lows, confusion and every other possible emotion. The place that accepts I am not a "writer" but still allows me to put words on paper to express the thoughts in my mind. I got more positive energy from this blog and the blogging community than I have ever received in the FB, Instagram, Twitter world. And I don't care who is actually reading (or if nobody is reading) because it's not made for that purpose. It's my place to find myself and share what's happening without judgement.

I am married.  My wife is amazing, kind, sweet, smart, hard working and loving.  We are still learning each other and finding ways to put our lives together. We are loyal, committed, determined and in love.  This is the marriage I had dreamed of all my life and feared would never be a reality.  We have three animals (Fred, Ethel and Izzy).  They each have a role and bring us lots of laughs and some frustration daily.  We don't have any human babies because I tried many times to get pregnant but my body simply said no.  And she doesn't have any desire to carry a child.  We are still trying to figure out what to do next...adopt or make peace as childless.  Some adult decisions are complicated and emotional.  We live in the house I purchased 10 years ago and continue to do work remodeling to make it "our" home.

I have been to therapy (a lot), read lots of books, joined several groups for support and had some success and some failures.  But in the end, I continue to be inspired every day to push more and try harder.  Mostly, I am ready to come back to my blog...more than ready.