Jul 6, 2010

There's no crying in moving

That's what I told myself over and over again this entire weekend. My best friend drove off into the sunset this afternoon with his partner. They have been dreaming of higher educational opportunities and today marks the beginning of their adventure. Moving 1,000 miles away to pursue this opportunity and explore another way of life.

I am happy, excited and proud for my friend. He has had some major ups and downs over the years and finally life seems to be all coming together for him. He has found love. He has found a man who is kind, smart, funny and full of energy who gets him, loves him, respects him and appreciate all of the little moments. He has found peace within himself and who he is regardless of other people's opinions. He has found peace with family and that has been a very long time coming. And more than anything after years of dreaming of a career he is now going to take the steps to make that happen. All of those reasons make me happy for him...

But at the moment I'm sitting here crying because my best friend isn't going to be around for awhile. And I have depended on him for so long that it does scare me to think that we can't just "get together" in free moment. But no matter how many miles there are he will always be my best friend and I wish him only the best!


us2 said...

i am moving and been crying so yes there is crying in moving but that is okay ....he is still ur friend and think of it this way it is just a road...it will all be okay .....take care....from ur loyal blog reader karen

Whiskeymarie said...

I moved 2+ hours away from my best friend 14 years ago, and it still makes me sad. It's hard to not have them right there when you need them- I guess I'm really, really glad that e-mail and cell phones exist.
On the up side, we're still as close as we ever were- nothing has changed except the physical distance between us.

This Mom said...

I left my best friend almost 15 years ago when I moved from CA to CO. He is still there and is the ONLY thing I truly miss about it. I think of him every day and we talk on the phone or IM almost every day. He is coming to visit next month and just like every time, I'm so excited and can't wait. Our times together are precious to us both and we cherish them.
I've cried many times from missing him over the years, but knowing that this move was for the best helps quite a bit.