Jul 19, 2010

T-shirts, tools, corn and dog collar

Those were just the beginning of things I saw yesterday. I may have hit an all time low yesterday when I was trying to add new items to my list. Number 22...I went to the flea market. I don't know what that looks like in other locations, but in Colorado there is one flea market and I have NEVER actually had any desire to visit. But when a friend asked me to join and help find the perfect item (what was it again) I couldn't come up with another excuse.

It was 100 degrees, crowded and random. There were rows and rows of "prize" items that everybody needed to buy. I was honestly surprised at how many booths were selling dresses (okay they were really just long shirts but being sold as dresses) and that there were actually woman in there dishing out money. I walked by a man selling old dish towels to a young couple.

We left empty handed...well we did buy a bag of giant marshmallows simply because they were so big and had a few beers to keep us cool. It was a fun people watching experience but probably a one time experience.

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