Sep 1, 2008

Focus on what?

I love the fact that at the last minute McCain decided to announce that Sarah Palin is his choice for VP! The announcement has evoked so many different responses from democrats, republicans, independents and everything in between. My first response...WTF!!! I felt like McCain was slapping all of the women of the U.S. in the face by assuming that if we supported Hilary it was about her vagina and not about her politics. I wanted to pick up the phone and let him know that unlike men...women can see past the vagina! I do support a strong woman who believes in education, equal rights, woman's reproductive rights, economic growth and an end to this war! But I don't believe that Sarah Palin can support any of those ideas!

So today...the uber conservative republican private life was splattered all over the news! Her 17 year old daughter is 5 months pregnant and is going to keep the baby. And Palin made the announcement that she is going to marry the babies father...of course! Note to 17 year old daughter...I'm sorry that this is a difficult time and hope that everything turns out great for you and your child. Note to about that Focus on the Family idea now!

I guess McCain didn't know her well enough over the past 5 months to help lesson the hit to his political campaign. Just another example...we expect more from the next president. We expect somebody who cares, supports and understands.


Dr Zibbs said...

You have to admit that when the daughter was holding her brother it was a pretty clever cover up of her birth pile.

WendyB said...

"I felt like McCain was slapping all of the women of the U.S. in the face by assuming that if we supported Hilary it was about her vagina and not about her politics." -- for sure. I mean, I like to support women, but not in this case.

Gwen said...

Palin is a smoke screen and what scares me is it may be working.

Anonymous said...

Definition of irony:

Gov Palin supports abstinence-only sex eduction in schools.

Uhhh.. yeah Gov... how's that working out for you?

And how many people HONESTLY thing that Levi (the baby-daddy) really WANTS to marry Bristol Palin?

Stacie said...

*major eye rolling*

patsy said...

amen sister!

Loalled said...

hey- new to your blog.

not going to comment on politics other than the fact that i do advertise the days left in office countdown of mr. bush via my blog.

anyhow i just thought i would say hi as its my first time reading yours. saw your profile (i hope it was yours) that urban cowboy was a fav. flick. i love that one too.



Pasifik said...

politics...politics and politics. everybody talks politic now.
what i want is just peace on earth.



John said...

Well, we're clear on her perfectly dysfunctional family values policy. Just Say No to sex = beautiful underaged shotgun weddings.

I think McCain knew he HAD to do something to shake up this race, else he was surely destined to lose. Well, it's shook. And we'll see how it all shakes out. ; )

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Agreed! Have you read this It's from my blogger friend parenthetical...

Let's see if I was able to put a link in a comment!!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Yeah! It worked!

Jennifer said...

Don't you think you are being a little harsh on her? While it is sad that Bristol decided to have pre-marital sex, at least Palin isn't like thousands of parents who disown their daughter or demand she have an abortion, lest she end up destitute and on welfare.

Palin is making the best of the situation by embracing her daughter, mistake and all, and this to me, speaks far louder than the mistake that Bristol made.

Renaissance Woman said...

Dr Zibbs - agree...good cover up.

Wendy - Amen!

Gwen - I agree...its scares me to death to think that they will win and he will die and then she will be the president! Ugh.

Liam - Sex education is suppose to be taught someplace. And Sarah decided that it didn't need to happen anyplace. Too bad for their daughter. And sad that this young couple has the country waiting to see if they really get married.

Stacie, Patsy - Agree!

loalled - thanks for visiting!

pasifik - I want the same thing. Starts with granting equal rights and equal treatments.

John - so true.

Lady - thanks for the link!

Jennifer - my comments have nothing to do with Bristol. I believe that everybody gets to make decisions and sex can equal pregnancy. My issue is with Sarah. Her politics don't support sex education, womens rights, equal rights. She wasn't honest about her daughters situation...and as a mother she pushed this issue into the spot light by accepting the nomination.

I don't believe that teen pregnancy equals welfare. I think that is far from the truth. My parents were teenagers when they had my brother. I believe that all women should have rights to choose for their bodies. I believe that we need to educate our youth on choices and potential consequences. I am ok with Bristol...its her mom's politics that I don't support.

And I am offended as a woman that there is an assumption that because I would have voted for Hilary, I would also vote for Sarah. Far from the truth...its about the person and their politics. Not their gender.

Jennifer said...

I agree with you about the Hilary supporters issue... that was insulting to women!

I guess I wasn't clear about the welfare thing. Of course having a baby as a young person doesn't equal welfare. What I was trying to say is that lots of families won't support teenage mothers because of a twisted interpretation of "family values" so the teens end up on assistance. So, I was trying to be clear that I think Palin was being consistent with a "family values" platform by supporting her daughter.

Of course, I'm not even a Republican myself... neither McCain nor Obama are going to get my vote. I think the federal government should get out of just about every aspect of individual's lives - their bedrooms, their wallets, their schools, and their cars (to name a few areas). :)

Kelly O said...

WORD. Have you read about Palin slashing a budget for housing for teenaged moms when they get kicked out of their parents home? UGH. How I loathe her.

Jennifer, I think "family values" is generally more meaningful and admirable when it applies to everyone's families, not just your own.

the princess said...

very interesting. I pay attention to politics, but it isn't quite so passionate here as it is in the US. I always enjoy reading about people's political thoughts in election times.