Mar 10, 2010

I will

Thanks to all of you who offered the support and kick in the butt. You are all right...I have to apply because of the kids. Regardless of the outcome at least I tried and that is the only part that I can control.

A quick my boss announced to my friend and I that he was going to make the announcement to the faculty that we are being moved at the end of the year. Did I mention he was going to make that announcement tomorrow? That is for try and hurt us in our current position and to break us more than we currently feel. And at this moment I am so grateful for my dad's genetics because the one thing that I refuse to do is break emotionally in front of my boss. So doesn't deserve my emotions. So we shared words and then when I didn't break he lashed out at me personally. He made some ugly statements, threats, etc. And in the end I stood my ground, defended myself and refused to continue.

So tonight I do feel emotionally beat and drained but I will not let him see that...EVER. And while I am sure the "dream" job isn't going to be an option if for no other reason than him I will apply tomorrow. Thanks for the push.

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