Mar 22, 2010


So it has been FOREVER since my last post. Hmmm...where do I start? I did apply for that job but didn't get an interview. I applied today for a similar job hoping that the minor changes will show that what a perfect fit it would be. If not...they are promising to let me know by April 30th where I am going to be reporting next year. Yuck! I have been toying with the idea of throwing myself at their feet and requesting a move back to the counseling world. It would be a step back but I think that it might just be what is best for me and for kids. Would give me more time to do what I love and volunteer in my community with kids and families that appreciate help. Not sure yet but it is about time to make the final decision.

Four more days and the Spring Break! I can't wait...five days with no alarm clock and no WORK! I just want to soak up every down time possible.

I went to see Crazy Heart and LOVED LOVED, LOVED it!!!! Run out today and buy tickets if you haven't already seen this movie.

Okay...I am going to count this as number 10 and maybe even 11!!! I took today off from work. I almost never call into work and never on a Monday. Those are our team meetings and it is forbidden to miss. But this morning when my alarm went off I stood up and walked to the phone and called in for the day. No regret, no concern...I just walked back to bed and went to sleep. I spent the day updating my resume, applying for jobs, cleaning my house, working outside in the almost 70 degrees and work out. It was great! And number 11 happened at the gym. I was lifting weight when a woman walked up to me and commented on how strong I was? Excuse me? She repeated it have a strong body and that's amazing. I picked up jaw up off of the ground and simply said thank you. Normally I would try to identify all of my flaws but it felt good to be viewed as strong. So simply put...thank you.

Happy Monday!


us2 said...

was she single and cute?

Anonymous said...

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