Jan 21, 2007

so much fun...now it's time to pay

Restrictions, budgets, planning...those are the words that rule my life. I am a rule follower. Not the kind that does that everything right, but instead there are "life rules" like fill your tanks before it's empty, exercise daily, watch you eat, pay all of your bills on the 1st of the month. You get what I'm trying to say. But there is also the side of me that rebels against expectations, refuses to conform to societies ideas and believes in personal exploration. I am Ying/Yang! Ha... Over the summer I made choices that broke all the rules. I am in a relationship that surprised every friend I told, I partied as much as possible, I consumed as much alcohol as possible (making sure to stay on the side of "no problem"), I ate foods that were on the DO NOT EAT list, and I didn't exercise all that often. Those were the things that I was willing to own and later accept the consequences. While I am lying on the bed to buttom my pants, I have also accepted that it is time to put the drinks down, push away from the tables, say NO to trans-fat and drag my behind into the gym. That is a lot and until today I believed it was enough. But now I have realized that my bank account has also grown, streched and finally snapped!

So the words budget, exercise, diet, moderation...these are the words that will keep me warm in 2007! Ugh! Not as much fun, but I had a great time getting to this place!

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