Jan 22, 2007

hey ms...are you talking to me?

I work with high school students and am amazed how I remember daily what school was like for me...a disaster. I was not a good student, not connected emotionally to school nor did I ever plan on working in that field. And years later I sit at my desk and wait for the bells to ring reminding me the time of day. I walk the halls and ask kids to follow rules, take of their hats, put away phones and go back to learning. It surprises me every day that I turned into one of THOSE adults. The people that we made fun, laughed at and ignored on a daily basis. I think of myself as young until I see myself through the eyes of a 15 years old boy. When I hear "Ms." is always look around in search of my mother. Working with students is suppose to keep you young, but currently it reminds me that time has moved on and I am now a full fledged adult!

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