Aug 11, 2007

These four wall...

are designed to keep me warm, safe and happy. Yet as I sit on my couch looking around I keep trying to figure out how to share all of my feelings and thoughts I feel like they are trapped in a box meant to keep me sane. I guess four walls has become a metaphor for my life. I do find comfort inside my house, but I haven't wanted to put up the walls around my heart and mind. I have spent a lot of my life with walls protecting me from anything negative. Unfortunately I also kept myself from experiences a lot of wonder because of the same walls. Melissa taught me to trust and slowly broke down each wall. And now I look around and see so many things that I need to do in my house and in my soul and yet I don't have the skills to do any of them. I want to write about adventure, love, passion, babies and so much more, but I can't stop my head long enough to write anything. So for now, I'm going to stay safe and warm inside my home and keep the things I love locked inside a box in my heart. That is where I'm finding calm.

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