Aug 2, 2007

Spinning out of control...

and then I got the words that made me feel better. I love you and that doesn't change. No matter what happens, we agree or disagree, loneliness, laughter...doesn't change my love for you. Those are the words that brought peace to my soul and made me stop spinning out of control.

I haven't been sleeping lately and it gives my head a lot of time to randomly think about different events. When I am all alone and have down time, I talk to myself. Well actually I have conversations with people but I play both parts. I know that it sounds crazy and maybe that it why I have kept it a secret all of these years. My parents know that I do it because they say that as a small child I would have arguments with other people (imaginary) while bathing, riding in the car or sitting in my room. I would like to share more about these conversations but right now I feel blocked.

So I go back to spinning out of control today. And the only comfort that I needed was the words "I love you...and that doesn't change" and "I'm right here". Thank you baby for those words. I love you too!

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