Nov 26, 2007

And then there were walls

Tonight I drove by my old house...a house that supported and comforted me for the past seven years. I have grown, struggled, laughed, hurt, loved and lived inside those walls. I sold the house for the land value, always knowing that the person purchasing my little bungelow was going to tear it down. Months have gone by and slowly that little house has been torn apart for the sole purpose of making room for a mini-mansion. Tonight I was driving around trying to escape my current reality and maybe even longing for my past to provide a moment of comfort. And then there were walls! The mini-mansion is now framed and a new story will begin. I think change can be wonderful and exciting. I also think that change can be sad and debilitating. So this is my tribute to the history of my bungalow and the comfort and excitment that I felt inside those walls. I hope that the spirit of my house transfers into my the new mansion. I moved into a great house with it's own individual spirit, history and potential. I moved into a house with more room, space to share and home for more. But the Garfield house will always have a place in my heart.

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MB said...

I love that house, too. It was nice to be wrapped in the warmth (and cold because you kept the heat so low!) of that place and to share many a special moment with you there.