Nov 28, 2007

Nerd time...

I was inspired by Melissa's friends blog greeblemonkey. Nerd time is such a funny title but it totally describes my alone time. Melissa often talks about the fact that her partner is a "knitter". I love to knit and there are times that it's all I ever think about. I have actually considered taking days off of work to stay home and knit! Ha! I also love to read mindless magazines. I look through as many possible and pull out the pictures, phrases and ideas that I LOVE. All of those "favoriates" go into a book. My book that holds secrets about the person inside that has only been shared with Melissa.

I read through Melissa's blog daily and all of her favoriate blogger friends. I am so impressed by the creativity and content. My nerd time would be spent redesigning my blog, adding pictures and discussing wonderful novels. But the truth is that I long to have the "creative" gene, the technical understanding of designing a more estetic blog and reading a novel is something that I do but not something that I am good enough at to actually discuss on my blog. So my nerd time is spent living vicariously through all of you!

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MB said...

Oh, sweetie. You're more nerdy than you think! :)