Aug 21, 2008

Just heard this story!

Road rage…I get it sometimes. I have been known to yell, give the bird and even touch my brakes to make somebody pay attention. But when I have others in my car it helps to keep me focused and less explosive. Over the summer I was out driving my pink scooter around town and some guy drove by me and spit on me! Can you believe it…he spit on me. I guess pink was not his color! But I didn’t respond…guess I didn’t really know what to do.

Two nights ago the police officer that works at my school was called to an accident…a 25 year old Denver woman was charged with homicide for slamming on her brakes during a road rage incident that resulted in the death of a 31 year old Denver woman. Apparently these two women were raging for several miles back and forth, cutting each other off, yelling…eventually brakes slamming, cars swerving and the 31 year old rolled her car. When the police arrived the driver was dead and her 2 year old son was crying in the back seat still strapped in his car seat.

So here is the question…how many of you have made a decision to act and/or respond a certain way only to realize that the consequences were much more severe than you ever could have imagined? I’m sure that both of the women never imagined that their drive home from work would have such major consequences for everybody. It has made me realize that I need to spend a few seconds thinking before acting to try and eliminate any regret that might follow. And it has made me very sad for all of the people involved…a split second decision.


SP said...

That is so sad. I must admit that I can be a road rager if I'm in a hurry. I hope this story pops into my head the next time I'm peeved on the road. It's just not worth it.

PinkPiddyPaws said...'s really scary how VIOLENT people get when behind the wheel of a vehicle. Now the spitting thing? That's just an asshole acting like an asshole. Somehow I don't think you and your pink scooter cut him off or anything.

The thing that I keep in mind is the story here in Atlanta about the road rage incident where a man was stabbed to death in his car while his wife and son watched. The road rager had followed the man, wife and child when they took their exit and when the man stopped, the road rager jumped out of his van, flung the drivers door open and stabbed him. Just like that.

All because someone didn't merge properly. Yeah.. that's really a good reason to die or go to jail for murder.

I'm terrified of reacting because someone might have a gun and just shoot me because they are having a bad day.

Sornie said...

I admin that I've had my moment of road rage but it's nothing more than one retaliatory act from me and I let it go. It's the other people that sometimes make me a bit uneasy.

Stacie said...

oh no....I have NEVER had that much rage...I am too afraid that the other person will pull a gun out and shoot me or something.

Moe Wanchuk said...

I'm Guilty. And you're right. I need to get my head outta my @ss.
I've never spit on anyone.

WendyB said...

Ugh! Horrible!

WendyB said...

Oh, and I don't drive so I don't experience road rage myself.

minijonb said...

i don't like the way i drive when i have time to look back at it from a distance. i need to remind myself to press the imaginary "smartbomb" button on my dashboard and not take it out on my car or other drivers.

Darrin said...

I heard about this as well. It's so easy to let yourself succumb to road rage. What an awful story. It'll definitely weigh on my mind for some time to come.

Keeper Of All Things said...

I have had road rage!
But I have never have with babies in the car!!
How sad for her child!

Gwen said...

My road rage manifests as curse words, never actions. I'm so sorry someone spit on you. That's horrible. What an asshat.

Francesca said...

That is an incredibly sad story! I'm speechless!!!

R said...

That's horrible. I'm glad you shared it b/c it is scary when that happens. I mean, wow. So very sad :(

Cindie said...

Well I will be keeping you in my prayers! Getting started a lot of the times is the most stressful, I never knew where to begin. All you need is a doctor who is willing to take the steps with you. I will watching your journey. I'm not a expert but if you have any questions feel free to ask. Take care, chat with ya soon.

Anonymous said...

I recently witnessed a road rage incident that left a small car resting on its roof in some trees next to the road. It was run off the road on purpose by a young man driving a truck. He had been quite lane-jumpy and tailgaity and fidgety for many miles along I75 Northbound in Georgia. I called to report the incident, but was never able to find out what happened to the person(s) in the car.

The incident really shook me up and reminded me that if I encounter aggressive drivers, it's best to just get out of their way, give them space and let them go whizzing by.

(that's not to say I wouldn't be pleased to see them pulled over by a cop further down the road)

I really did realize it's best not to be the aggressive driver nor to provoke them.

How sad for both women in the car. That was a lose/lose.

Mary said...

How awful, and to use road rage when you have a child in the car. That is just crazy, I don't have road rage, I might yell at someone but thats about it..It is so crazy, to let someone bother you about something so silly, and then to end up getting in an accident over, its just not worth it. Now that child has no mother..just unbelievable...take care.Mary

Miss X said...

Having lived in Denver, I've seen road rage. Traffic there is horrible and I think that's a big part of it. 15 minute drives take 30 to 45 minutes and it is frustrating!

I didn't experience road rage often - usually just when someone didn't want me to get around them (hello, I want to drive faster than you).

Did this story make the news? I'm trying to find it - sick,I know - I just want to make sure it isn't anyone I knew.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

My road rage is limited to verbal abuse that no one hears but me.

Once though when I was a teenager and a new driver I accidentally cut someone off in traffic and the nut bag followed me around for miles - tailgating and honking his horn. I could see the guy back there yelling and waving his arms all around. He was really angry and I was scared to death.

Eventually I remembered something that my dad told me to do and I drove to the nearest police station and honked the horn like a lunatic until a uniformed cop came out.

The nut bag drove off, and I filed a report.