Nov 30, 2008

Time to start

I have always loved Christmas seems like the perfect time of the year. I love the lights, decorations, music, spirit...feels so festive. I have great memories or Christmas and almost none of them have to do with actually opening presents. One of my favorite is of my my aunts house on Christmas Eve. She had an amazing collection of Dickens Christmas Village on display. I would sit and stare for hours at all of the details, lights, movements...everything. It always felt like the perfect world to shrink to size and live forever. And every year I tell myself that I should start a collection of my own, but then the season passes and I have done nothing. The excuse is either money, time, space...but really I just had a certain dream of starting that tradition and I keep waiting.

So, on Friday I went shopping for Christmas decorations (new tree another post) on Friday with my friend and was telling her the story of my pretend village. We talked about trying to get into the spirit and be excited for this season to begin. Her solution...there's no time like the present. And like that...the search began for the perfect village. We drove all around town, asked questioned, scanned displays and finally I found it...the perfect collection. So I bought one piece and love it!

Now that the collection is started, I have to make it a tradition...every year I will add one piece to the collection. Small step but brought a bit of history to the present.


WendyB said...

I'm staying in a hotel with impressive gingerbread villages. There is a spa that has a gingerbread man doing yoga in it!

Kelly O said...

My grandmother had a similar collection! Hmm, maybe I should start getting houses, too. Great idea!

Stacie said...

woohoo...go you!

I was at my brother's this weekend and he has my gramma's old felt wierd seeing it decorated in his stuff instead of hers. It was kinda sad, but also nice that her tree lives on.

AJ's mommy said...

I have kinda starting doing that with snowmen! Now I just have to start finding a place for them every year!