Oct 20, 2009

I'll take another

I never drink alone...NEVER! I reserve that for a social environment if for no other reason than appearances alone! LOL!!! But last night I intended to do some house work, read a book, write in my journal BUT a nice glass of wine sounded good to kick it all off. Opened the bottle and poured into a fun wine glass and then decided that housework could wait while I did read my book, wrote in my journal and continued to finish the entire bottle. At the end of the night I was simply that silly drunk 80's girl! You know what I mean...that girl from high school who got drunk at a party and instantly became a crying mess. That was me!

And then this morning...I opened my eyes only to relive my range of emotions and actions. Not to mention a splitting headache that has lasted ALL day. Lesson learned...wine + emotions + early morning meeting = DISASTER!


Catherine said...

but what was the wine?

kipper said...

u should never drink alone....next time invite me and i will drink with ya....it would be a fun time....take care of urself

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

With the right bottle of wine it's all worth it!!!! lol