Oct 25, 2009

Too Wicked?

Not possible!!! I love this show...in fact, I love it so much that today I saw it for the fourth time. The first was several years ago with my best friend and it changed the way I saw Oz forever. Last Christmas my parents and I went on a trip to California to see it (just because I guess). And when we returned from the trip found out that it was making another appearance in Denver. So...my family bought tickets. The same week...my friends bought tickets and I was included. Sooooo....today I saw in the theater watching my favorite show EVER and decided four times wasn't enough.

Anybody in love with this show?


Shawn said...

I have actually never seen the show, but all my voice students went through every song in it----and I must say, that I am a bit tired of the music----but that is great that you love it and get to see it so much!!

Catherine said...

I saw it two weeks ago and loved it. Have you read the book? He's an awesome author. I've also read som of wicked and the ugly step sister.

Stacie's Madness said...

i haven't seen it...glad you like it though!

This Mom said...

Me! Me!
My wife and I saw it at the Buell 2 years ago for the first time and fell head over heels for it. When I took the kids to California last summer for vacation, I surprised them with tickets to see it in Los Angeles because they had fallen in love with the story & music by then. And on Nov. 15, we are taking our friends to see it for their first time.
To say that we love this show would be a sad understatement.

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