Feb 23, 2010

It's not the same

This afternoon I found myself driving to a hospital to help support and counsel families, kids and adults. The words were all the same...school, children, fear, shooting. The words were all the same but the events are very different. The latest shooting is terrible, scary and unimaginable, but it is not "Columbine" all over again. The media needs to a way to grab attention and sell a story, but I believe that today was a random act of violence that brings it's own story of pain and hurt.

And as I just walked in the door and am trying to decompress all of the sadness and fear that is a result of such a hurtful day I have been trying to find something to hold on to for hope. I started with the things that I am sure will happen again...I am sure tomorrow morning I will walk back into the doors of my school and believe it's safe. I am sure that I will be sad that such violence does exist but refuse to allow myself to feel paralyzed. I am sure that kids will continue to amaze us all with their strength.

So instead of obsessing over the latest news report I would say find one thing to smile about or put your hand together like a puzzle with the one you love and be grateful they are there. Or kiss your child and see the twinkle in their eyes or play a game of chase with your furry friend. Regardless...believe that this is not the same and it's a good reminder to embrace the things you have.

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