Feb 13, 2008


...Melissa's Vegas post that is. I love Vegas because it is so unreal and larger than life. In fact, when you stand on the Vegas strip and look around, life feels like a fantasy that is all sparkles, glitter and polish. Well, except for the hundreds of men and women passing out cards of naked women with numbers and prices. But let's go back to the fantasy part of Vegas. I read Melissa's post and thought she had taken the exact thoughts and feelings out of my head.

So here are my top ten highlights of Vegas.

1. Spending every second with Melissa. I know, I know...I'm sure that it sounds a bit much, but it's not. I enjoyed every minute we spent talking, crying, laughing, playing, sleeping and just being. That in itself was worth every second.

2. My love...seeing the look on Melissa's face when she opened her birthday present. And then we actually were able to contact the designer and have them make changes specifically to meet our expectations. That's amazing service!

3. Tattoo...plus 2. Ha...that would make the 4 looking symbol that both of us now have on our arms. Melissa and I have matching tattoo's and have promised that the strength symbol describes how and what we get from each other.

4. Tattoo...continued. Melissa's best friend Christa got her first tattoo ever and it was so much fun to be there for that experience.

5. The Go-Room at The Flamingo. I arrived a day before everybody else and spent the night in one of the worst rooms ever...at the Flamingo. And then we upgraded and the rooms were amazing. The views were amazing. The experience was amazing. It was old Hollywood glamour, Pink, pink, pink everywhere (my favoriate color) and they have LIVE FLAMINGO'S! Now that is worth a visit.

6. Spending time with great people. Nan and Dar are our friends from Colorado and it is always great to spend time with them. They are comforting and always make me feel relaxed. But meeting Christa (Melissa's best friend) was one of the best experiences. I got to see Melissa through her friends eyes. I got to learn more about the person I love as a young woman and see how she has grown into the woman I love today. Christa is truly a kind, sweet, funny and inspiring woman.

7. Playing blackjack at Planet Hollywood. I won and lost and walked away with $1. Yep, $1. But the experience was great regardless of the amount I walked away with. We laughed, learned and cheered each other on...GO GIRL POWER!

8. Strawberries in bed. We got chocolate and coconut covered strawberries from a pastry shop in the Bellagio. We took our treats back to the hotel and when we woke up...strawberries in bed!

9. Drag show was so fun! Vegas has so many shows it's hard to pick which is the "must see". Lucky Cheng's was the perfect for all of us!

10. 70 degrees. There is nothing like walking in the warm sun holding hands with your partner to make you feel alive.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time!!

Queeny said...

I'm taking my second trip to Vegas (with hubs) this summer. Reading your post has just made me that much more excited about it. I'm gonna try to catch a drag show -- something I've always wanted to see.

Glad you guys had such a wonderful time.