Feb 5, 2008

Yes we can

I was inspired several times throughout my day...and each time it was because of a woman. First, I read Melissa's post about females in power, role models and presidency. And I found myself standing at my desk clapping at her speech to empower all women to elect Hillary Clinton. I also agree with her point that it is very important to surround yourself with strong, confident women.

Later in my day, inspiration came through my friend Jodi. Yes, she is a strong and confident women, but more than all of that, she is solid. We supported each other through anger, frustration, laughter and tears. And today, she shared with me that her father has been diagnosed with cancer (again) and admitted her feeling of helplessness. It takes courage to admit weakness and I was inspired by her honesty and vulnerability.

Lastly, I spent a few minutes with my best friend this evening. I explained her situation in this post just last week. And she shared her plan to address the issue with her husband and eventually their relationship. She has spent time using her brain and separating her emotions from her decisions. She has laid out a very clear plan and reserved her tears for me...not him; at least today. I left her reminded that we are strong people capable of dealing with what ever comes our way.

I don't have the skills to write such an inspirational message as Melissa, but I hope that I can share my passion. Women are so strong and amazing and capable of moving moutains and building bridges. We have to be better role models for each other. We have to demand honesty, integrity, strength and reliability. We have to build each other up...not tear each other apart! Thank you Melissa, Jodi and Catherine...you each reminded me today why I am so proud to be a woman!

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Queeny said...

Your words are very inspiring. I think your friends are lucky to have you in their lives. Stay strong together.