Mar 18, 2008


Okay, I promised myself that this blog was going to be more upbeat and provide a tad bit more humor to the world. But this must be said first...FUCK YOU TO ALL OF THE SELF-ESTEEM SUCKING BUTTHEADS IN THE WORLD! Hmm, I actually do feel better now.

I am a licensed therapist (no longer practicing...maybe I should) and have heard thousands of stories from people with low self-esteem who have other people in their lives continuing to stomp on the few shreds of their esteem left. And I have done a pretty good job of not being angry at the world for those soul crushing people. But when it becomes personal, I'm not able to counsel myself with self-esteem boosting lessons or positive affirmations. And this week I find myself with a life sucking asshole attached to my every move. I have the dumbest boss in the world and I want to look him in the eyes and yell "FUCK YOU DICKHEAD!" almost every minute of the day. Does that sound angry?

So I find placing blame for everything in my life on myself to be the most natural solution to this problem. I have assigned "bad luck" the responsibility of my sadness, pain and anger in my life. My low self-esteem also seems to be a close friend with Mr. Luck! But I am going to try and be my own counselor for a moment. I deserve good things in life! I am a good person who cares so much about the people in my life and the kids that I work with every day. I deserve love, happiness, a good job, stability and excitement! I am taking back control over my life and saying "FUCK YOU WORLD...I DESERVE BETTER AND AM GOING TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN!" So either jump on board, or get the hell out of my way. Life is too short to carry life sucking buttheads around.

Thanks for the vent. I promise a little more joy and humor next time!


Anonymous said...

Great Rant! You go girl!

R and J said...

Well said!!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I love that you are a licensed therapist who rants. Nice work.

Going to therapy was the best thing I ever did in my life. Honestly I would never have gone back to college or found a good enough place in myself to be ready to fall in love let alone get married.

Although I was grateful to my therapist for listening and being so kind to me, understanding of course that it was her job, I often wondered what kind of bad vibe build up she was collecting from listening to other people's scary sh*t all day. Kind of like that big guy in The Green Mile that sucked up evil and had to take time after to recover from it.

You deserve a good rant I'm sure!!