Mar 3, 2008

Dream JOB

I was talking with a friend tonight about how we picked our careers. I never had a teacher, counselor or adult ever ask "what do you want to do after graduation?" I'm not blaming anybody, but I do wonder...what the HELL did the adults in my life think I was actually going to do for a living? I wasn't the best student, but I did get mostly B's and an occasional C, I was hard working and while I am not the smartest person in the world...I don't think that most people consider me stupid. So WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE! Hmm...back to the point.

I believe that everybody is born with some gifts. I was a waitress and bartender for several years in college and a few afterwards. I was really good at that job, but it really wasn't my goal to be a great waitress or bartender. I was hoping for something a little different. I have worked in business, residential counseling, school counseling, cake decorating, retail and assistant principal to name a few. I have found some great things and some not so great in every job. In the end, none of the jobs I have had or have meet the "Dream job" description.

What is my dream job...I have three! The fact that there are three careers that I am drawn to isn't that amazing, but the complete randomness (is that even a word) is amazing.

1. Criminal Investigator. I love the idea of putting together pieces of a puzzle to help catch the bad person and make the world a safer place. 2. Contractor. The DIY network is my new favorite and I dream of remodeling kitchens, baths, yards...whatever! I do like the idea much better when it's not my money needed for the remodeling. 3. Family Court Judge! This would be the top of my list for career choices. Again, it has something to do with making the world a safer place by holding parents accountable for their choices.

I WON'T BE A PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER. I Can't figure out how to make the pictures appear in different places!

I look at that list and feel a little stuck. Where do I start and how do I start? Which do I choose and why? Can I really do any of the jobs or is it just a fantasy? Ugh! Would have been a good idea to dream about this 17 years ago. I can always dream!


Candy said...

Out of the three, I'm guessing family court judge to be the most out of reach. It would probably require a good 10 years of college and then X number of years of working experience before you got up to judge status. But hey, a drill-wielding superhero (based on your picture) is probably do-able!

Anonymous said...

I have always said that if I had things to do over again I would become a forensics scientist. I think the math scared me from it but then I wound up taking a butt load of econ and stats courses in college and survived. What the heck made me think I couldn't have done forensics?!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

the sad part is that I'm 37 and I STILL don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

I think it's totally cool that you have "dream jobs" and I wish you the best of luck should you choose to pursue them. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Hope to see you around more.