Mar 11, 2008

So funny except...

for the fact that it is real. I moved into a new house almost one year ago and was so excited about the potential. And every time I turn around, a new opportunity for "potential" seems to present itself. For example, I had a wonderful dishwasher that was part of the house, and within two months of settling in...WHAM! Dishwasher broke and I had to dish out money for a new machine. I also have a wonderful lawn! It's so green, thick...amazing actually. And then in August I got the water bill at it was over $350! Might explain the quality of lawn and now I need to fix an obvious leak in the sprinkler system.

Let me bump it up just a bit. I purchased a new water heater within the first month (part of the inspection discovery). And yet there isn't enough hot water to get through one shower. I have had the company come visit, repair and begged for a new water heater. And then I began to notice a leak in the basement that occurs only after I take a shower. I am not tearing apart my basement to replace all of the plumbing and update all of the electrical. I am going to begin remodeling my upstairs bathroom (just so it will not leak downstairs)! Ugh!!!

So all of that said, the funny part of this story...well maybe there isn't one! My washing machine has fallen off of the base and I can't use it nor can I lift it into place by myself. So I called my dad asking him to help! Today he came over and left me this note: "tried to fix the washer, but the actual bottom of the machine has fallen off!" What the fuck does that mean! How does the bottom of a washing machine fall off? "I will try to fix later in the week, but you may need to buy a new machine."

Potential...yeah it may have potential to make my hair fall out!


Anonymous said...

Aah, the joys of home ownership. Our first week at our house, the sewer line to the street backed up. We then came home a few weeks later to discover two inches of water on the floor. Apparently the hot water heater took the time that we went to dinner to rust out at the bottom and empty all the water all over the upstairs.

I feel for you!!

Candy said...

Every time I hear a story about a water heater or boiler I shudder. We've been in our house a loooong time and those two things are going to go ANY DAY NOW. Knock wood for me.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Good grief.. it's like "The Money Pit" all over again!!