Jul 27, 2007

Just be...

That is the best advice ever. I have spent the past 10 days with my partner and her daughter trying to absorb all they have to offer so I can take that back with me to Colorado. I have experienced every emotion possible and have caused some hurt, frustration, confusion and hopefully love to Melissa. I have said her name...can you believe that? She has told me several times this week to "just be." Now I get it...now I understand that the only control I have comes within myself and I need to trust the things that I know. I know that I love her and love the times we spend together. I know that I love her daughter and the laughter belly laugh that only this 3 year old can share. I love her dog...she is the example of calm and living in the moment. I love my partner and I know that she loves me. I have to remind my brain to stop going in random directions and instead stay confident in the moment. This is my time to learn about trust and love...something that has been an issue for me in the past. Like everybody, I also have a personal story that has some good and some bad...trust, confidence and love are the victims of my life.

Maybe that is the topic of my new blog...maybe not! Either way, I have learned that I need to trust my partner and trust our love. I've learned to be honest about my issues and not make them somebody else's issue. I love the person I am in my relationship...and that is the person that I'm going to work on and make more confident.

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