Apr 6, 2008

Happy Birthday

Even at the worst of moments, there are a few things that make me smile. I have been trying to identify my comfort items recently and one of those is my pink scooter. I love scooters and the freedom they represent. But the part that I love about mine the most...IT'S PINK! I love pink and I even have a matching pink helmet. I'm sure that you are wondering what this has to do with my title. Today my niece turned 9 and she got a pink scooter with a matching pink helmet. Of course, the scooter is smaller than mine but it made me smile and brought her the same joy. And when she opened the present, she turned around and look at me and said "now I can be just like you aunt Tracie" and my heart melted.
My niece is a sweet person who worries about doing the right thing, other people's happiness and generally everything that she can imagine. And today I was happy to see her enjoy a stress free day. I love her for who she is and free grateful that she would want to be like me. Maybe I will get us pink jackets so she will feel like we really are the same.


WendyB said...

You'll be like the Pink Ladies in Grease!

Tara said...

That is so freakin cool! The look, the color, the thought of riding around in sunny, Spring weather like we had yesterday..I love it.

Now you and your niece can form a scooter gang!

Oh and thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh, now you're officially on my "cool list". A pink scooter? Excellent!!

Renaissance Woman said...

We are so going to get matching Pink Ladies jackets!

Stacey said...

thank you for finding my blog, I just caught up on yours, sorry for your pain...i hope some how it eases.