Apr 13, 2008

Our junk...your treasure

This picture has nothing to do with my post...but when I googled "junk" this is an example of what came up. Actually, the first picture that came up was of a woman's butt. So random...but a little funny.

A pile of scrap wood, school desks and pencil sharpeners would be a better idea of what I'm talking about. Yesterday I worked a school fundraiser put on my our alumni group. Thanks to a bond passed a couple of years ago, we have a new school building and moved in a couple of weeks ago. The old (original) building is scheduled to be demolished next week. And while that would normally bring joy to the community, there is a large alumni group that feels such sadness over the loss of our building. So they planned and advertised a "Good-bye BBQ" to raise money for the new building and give of the community an opportunity to walk the old building halls and take anything that help ease the pain. Hmm. I am also a graduate of this school and I know that given a choice...I would not have attended. It was high school...why would I want to walk through the halls or take a locker? I don't really get it.
But what I understand even less...people were actually taking junk like "exit" signs, pieces of wood from the bleachers (which replaced the original bleachers 15 years ago), chunks of the gym floor...you get the idea. What are they going to do with this stuff? And does taking a piece of wood help them relive high school?
I know that because I work in the school that I graduated from people would assume that I get the bond to a building. But that's not true. I know that for a lot of people high school was a great time, but doesn't life go on? Does taking a piece of the gym floor really bring back joy on a daily basis? I don't get it...but whatever works for them.

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