Jul 8, 2008

Review for the day

As I said in my last post...yesterday sucked! First the day at WaterWorld was rained out, my house is covered again in a thick layer of drywall dust and then I was having a rough day personally. So by noon my dad came over to help my uncle and I hang drywall and one look at my eyes and he said..."this is your free day! Go do something fun."

So I called one of my friends and we went to see a Wall-E. Hmmm...loved the message but a little boring. I'm not even sure if I would recommend or not. I would hope that everybody would get the message, but it takes a lot of patience to sit through.

Then I went to have a drink with a couple of other friends and by eleven o'clock at night it was time to close the book on the day. I got up early this morning worked out, watered plants and have paid the bills. I guess this is a new day.


R said...

Today is a new day my friend. We wake up, breathe, relish in the good we have in our lives and remember that we are worthy and we deserve the very best life has to offer us. WE DESERVE THAT! And we will NOT setlle for anything less, ever again. :)

Caroline said...

You are right...today is a brand new day. You are so lucky to have such a great support in your family. I loved that your Dad saw you were having a rough day and told you to go have some fun. Sometiems we need someone to tell us it's time for a break.

I loved what R wrote in her comment. All of us that were hurt so badly by someone we trusted and loved so much will see lots of good coming towards us. We just need to make sure we are open to seeing the good that comes our way. I know for a long time I felt like I didn't deserve all the good that was coming my way. You do deserve all the good that is and will continue to come your way.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Talk about messages!! Wow, no kidding! I felt like I was getting slapped in the face REPEATEDLY with messages from the movie. BUT, I did love it! And I totally related to "Mo" the little cleaner robot. ha..ha.ha.

On the other hand -- didn't you just LOVE the animated "short" played before the movie? :)