Sep 25, 2007

The answer is YES

Am I sad...that is the question. Melissa told me that her friends have been reading this blog (atleast somebody is actually reading) and they believe that I am sad. And my answer is YES. I have a lot going on in my life right now that feels heavy, but more than anything I miss my Melissa, Ellie and Cagney. I miss knowing that we would all be together during any down time. I miss coloring with Ellie and drawing the "hair"! I miss Cagney begging for food and constantly sneaking it behind Melissa's back. I miss holding Melissa's hand and knowing that no matter what was going on that she was right there. I feel lonely and at times like I'm the only person in the world walking around searching. I know that this was the best thing for Melissa and Ellie and it sounds like Cagney too (she is eating all of the squirrel food). And for the people living in are so lucky. You are getting to see Ellie grow into a princess. You have the chance to feed Cagney and look into her eye knowing that you are her BEST FRIEND...for the moment. You are getting to see Melissa smile and tell stories that she laughes at before event sharing. So again, YES...I am sad.

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