Sep 23, 2007

The stranger inside

I went to a movie last myself. It has been a long time since I have sat in a movie theatre by myself and waited to escape into a make believe world. I saw the new movie, "The Brave One" and had so many thoughts throught this movie. My first thought was that Melissa will be so turned on by Jodie Foster that I don't think she will fully appreciate the story line! Maybe a little too much visual stimulation. But the other thought that kept running through my mind...I have a stranger living inside my body. This point is only fully understood after watching the movie. I use to describe myself has having two personalities inside (I am a Gemini after all) and those two personalities kept me balanced. I have a very responsible personality. I always get to the airport two hours prior to my flight, I always read instructions before attempting any project and I always go to matter how badly I could use a day off. And then there is a side of me that loves a party, refuses to follow rules and only wants to be happy in the moment. There are other traits that are consistent, but then brief moments appear when I feel like a stranger has taken over my life. Moments when I hit a low emotionally and then this person appears and takes me down a road that I am familiar with but do not know the exact turns and exits.

In the movie, she talks about change causing your stranger to appear and adjust accordingly. For me, the stranger takes over and instead of make changes necessary to adjust, I shut down. Who is that stranger?

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