Sep 3, 2007

Makes me proud...

I have spent the holiday weekend with my 86 and 89 year old great-aunts. I originally would have said I was "entertaining them", but in reality they were entertaining me. I come from a long line of independent women and these two ladies reminded me who I am and where I come from. Both of my aunts graduated from college during a time that very few women were allowed to seek higher education. Both of my aunts moved to different states and adapted to seeing their families every couple of years. Each of my aunts pursued masters degrees at some of the most prestigious universities. My aunts were able to spend some time talking, laughing and sharing details with me about their lives and mine.

The women in my life are independent, fun, wild, brutally honest, determined and courageous. My Grandma Mikelson comes from poverty and knows how to work hard. She refused to marry my grandpa before he went to war out of convince. She waited until she was in her 20's and he returned safely. My grandma reminded me this weekend that you can survive anything when needed...just have to believe in yourself. My Aunt Olivia has always been my kindred spirit. She lives in my two favorite places...San Francisco, CA and Scottsdale, AZ. My aunt has been a widow for over 35 years and believes in independence and excitement. She has traveled the world several times always by herself and always excited for the new adventures. She has season tickets to the theatre, Standford baseball and now Arizona Basketball. She believes in improving yourself and never settling for anything that doesn't bring you joy. My Aunt Ester has gentleness about her and when you least expect she has a sharp toughed bit to put things into perspective. She has a Wit unlike anybody I have ever met and believes that the people you love are also the people you can be the most honest and direct apologies necessary. She told me this weekend that she has lived in a state she doesn't like for 40 years but doesn't regret one moment of her life. She has traveled alone for the past 30 years always leaving her family behind because of their lack of interest.

I am walking away from these ladies reminded of something that I have not paid attention to recently. I am a strong, independent women who loves life and loves adventure. I love my partner and would love to share new experiences with her, but I also need to do those things for myself along the way. I want to feel proud that I can take care of myself, not all women can. I want to feel excited to see and experience something new. I want to fill my entire day with life and not take that for granted. I come from amazing women and someday I want other women to say that about me.

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