Sep 18, 2007

Dead in the water

How is that for a title. I read Melissa's blog and it talks about enjoying friends, bonding with family, loving Ellie...Brit, Rosie (you get the point). And when I look at my blog I don't have any of that to talk about. I feel lost, sad and stupid. Melissa will hate that last statement, but I can't change the way that I feel. I worked hard to get the career that I have and right now I don't feel confident at any moment during the day. I look in the mirror and am disappointed in the person looking back. I have a new house that I'm still trying to personalize and yet finding the money, time and motivation has become another job. Who am I and how do change the way that I feel? How do I find different things to write about? Melissa describes herself as "always looking for greener grasses" and I worry that I'm going to start to look dull.

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