Jan 6, 2008

Joining the crowd

Tomorrow is the day that I am going to start my resolution...along with everybody else! I promised myself that 2008 is the year that I will get healthy on every level. Creating a budget, connecting with friends, researching career opportunities, being a better partner, creating inner strength and peace and finally...I am going to loose weight! I know...the correct statement is about improving my diet and exercise to make my body healthier. And all of that is true. But today I just want to loose weight.

So why does a diet and exercise program always start on Monday. I read an article once that said that it is okay to begin a fitness program on days other than Monday and yet I am still determined to have everything start tomorrow. I am going to work on myself in 2008 to be healthy, happy and strong. But it's not going to start tonight, it is going to start in the morning...on Monday!

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