Jan 5, 2008

Oh Britney

Melissa won't like this post, but when will it be enough for Britney to grow up. This is a person who has a ton of money, people who are concerned for her, opportunity for help...she has all of the tools to get herself together. And yet Britney continues to put her little boys in danger. I do understand that life can go out of control and I believe that Britney lost control over her life a long time ago. But the minute she decided to have babies, she gave up the right to give up on herself and she owes it to them to pull herself together. I don't believe that Britney wants help and I don't want to help Britney...I'm sorry Melissa. I would like to help those little boys. I would like to pick them up, give them hugs and feed them a good meal. I would like to show them that not all women are crazy and selfish. I would like to show them that life can be calm, quiet and solid.

I have been searching my soul about having a child and I have thought about every pro and con. And my first reaction to her latest story is...if Britney can have children so can I. But "having" a child doesn't make a person a parent. I'm sorry little boys...I'm sorry that your mom refuses to get it together.

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