Jan 29, 2008

Most memorable travels

I was inspired to write about some of my most memorable travels by The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch. I have always dreamed of visiting every state to explore the different attractions and learn to really appreciate the United States. I haven't actually done a ton of travels, but there have been a few that I can NEVER forget.

Las Vegas, NM
This is nothing like LAS VEGAS BABY!!! It is small, dirty, run down and usually a place that you only stop if your out of gas or about to pass out. I was only 21 and my dear friend and I set off to party in Arizona for spring break. And around 2:30 a.m. we decided that it was time to take a break and get some sleep. And the local motel (actually the only motel) had a vacancy sign! The rooms has 1970's emerald green shag rugs (these shags were so long that I am sure small creatures had created a town hidden inside). We went into our rooms and were literally afraid to touch anything!!! We went into the bathroom and there were pubic hairs on the floor, toilet and in the sink! What the hell is a pubic hair doing in the sink! We laughed out of disgust and fear but decided that we still needed sleep. So we took off all of clothes and laid on them on bed while we slept on top making sure nothing touched the actual bedspread. And then seconds before we drifted off to sleep, three men walked by our doors and the pressure of their footsteps broke the seal on our door and it swung open. Three men standing outside our door looking inside while two naked girls (we did have our socks, panties and bras on) were lying on top of their clothes! We all screamed...and then we decided that sleep was an over rated activity.

Largest Prairie Dog
Last summer Melissa and I (and her dog Cagney) began our journey to move Melissa back to Indianapolis. We decided that this trip was going to be fun and full of new experiences. After we had been on the road for an hour, we began to see the signs advertising "Worlds Largest Prairie Dog" exit in Kansas. Melissa looked at me and said, "I wonder what that looks like!" and I responded with an excited..."let's go see!" There we were standing inside a very run down shack paying two women $20 a piece so that we could go experience this wonderfully exciting adventure. DO NOT PASS GO!!! Before we could even go outside to see the prairie dog we had to walk past a cage full of rattle snakes. Actually, I don't know if anything was actually still alive inside the cage because the smell of rotten animal was so powerful that we were running for the door. And then we entered HELL! There were goats, squirrels, chickens and bugs everywhere. They were just running around in the dry, dirt following those of us who were stupid enough to pay money for this experience. We were stalked by a goat, saddened by the caged coyote and then we saw them. We saw two cows who had extra legs! Yes, I said that...extra legs! One of the cows had a leg growing out his shoulder and would hit himself in the head every time he moved. The other cow had an extra leg growing out of his ass! And we stood there is trauma. We left as soon as we could (well we did take a quick picture of the cow for proof of this experience). All of that and that stupid prairie dog...it is made out of cement!!!

Las Vegas, NV
I love Las Vegas!!! The real Las Vegas! But last year I got stuck an extra night by myself because I was flying standby and didn't get a flight. So at midnight I asked a taxi driver to find me a cheap motel close to the airport. Two minutes later I was checking into a motel for $24 and climbing a set of stairs to my room, which was located on top of a bar (open 24 hours a day). My room was dirty, the area was scary and I was sad and alone! So I tried to turn on a lamp, but it was just for show and had no actual cords. I tried to use the phone and call the desk, but it also was for show...had no cords. I turned on the television and staring back at me was Melissa's ex! True story...she was part of a film and the commercials had just begun. I decided it was time to just sleep, so I tried to set the alarm clock and yet again...no cords. So there I was in my dumpy motel room in Vegas, cold, tired, no lights, no phone, with her ex on the T.V. Not the best night in Vegas!

I have had some great trips in my life, but these trips stand out in my life as memorable. Glad I could share.


Queeny said...

Hi Ren; I have to admit I didn't come over to read your travels post (although I did take interest in the Vegas part; I'm taking my second trip to Vegas this year. I love the place.)

Anyway, I couldn't wait to rush over and thank you for commenting on my latest post. I felt uneasy about expressing my thoughts on that topic in a "public forum." My intent is not to offend anyone, ever. That said, I appreciate your insight and was grateful to get a different perspective. Please stop by any time.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I drove from Arizona to PA - and a fun time was had by all. We stayed in one motel (for reasons which I don't know now) that had a bathtub in the room with no shower curtain. Just a bathtub right in the room. The toilet was in like a little closet. Strange!

Claire B. said...

I, too, have been sucked in by the vortex that is "The World's Largest Prairie Dog." And the poor, freaky cows and all the goats and snakes. . . yikes. The classic tourist trap that is so American. I do feel very sorry for the cows. Not so much the prairie dog. He'll be fine. For a long, long time!