Jan 19, 2008

What is that attached to my butt?

Remember that part of my New Year's resolution was to loose weight. Actually, my resolution was to get "healthy" in every sense and since the first I have struggled with what that really looks like. So I decided that there has to be one goal at a time...weight loss is number 1. So last week I started a program and did an average job following diet and exercise. And Monday morning I stood on the scale in disbelief that I had actually gained one pound. How does that happen? The three pitchers of beer I had last Friday may have impacted my weight...but who knew!

So this week I am making that announcement to everybody...I AM FAT!!! I don't mean that I'm ready to staple my stomach...I have an issue with vomit and I hear that it's common when you do that procedure! But that is still not the point. I am 30 pounds over weight and tired of not feeling comfortable in my own skin or fitting into my jeans. 2008 will hopefully bring good things to all. And I am ready to bring myself something good through acceptance of who I am.



have great week-end

Anonymous said...

It's really frustrating to try watching what you eat and not lose any weight or gain. Do what I do. Kick the scale - check the batteries in it - blame it on the creaky floors - and weigh in again a week later. It doesn't do much to lose weight - but it makes you feel better at the moment :)

Renaissance Woman said...

Suze - Thanks for the hints...kicking the scale is the perfect idea.

Chic-handsome - Thanks ;)

Queeny said...

Hear! Hear!

I've been watching that show "How To Look Good Naked" with Carson Kressley, hoping it will inspire me to love my body as it is.

'T'ain't workin'!!!