Jan 25, 2008


I was tagged by Melissa

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Random things about me!

1) I touch my stomach (to check at the size) about 100 times a day. I'm not sure why...it doesn't change every second.

2) The minute I sit in my car after work a symphony of farts begin. Good thing that I don't carpool!

3) I tell Chester (my cat), Melissa and Ellie (who are in Indianapolis) good night and I love them minutes before I fall asleep. None of them can hear me or even respond.

4) I can walk on the knuckles of my toes.

5) I fell on a pitch fork as a little girl and there is a scar on my leg that you can still feel the hole.

6) I can't stand not having lotion on my hands at all times. In fact, if I can't find lotion nothing else can be done.

Tag...your it!

Lady who doesn't lunch

Not easy being queen




Anonymous said...

All right - walking on the knuckles of your toes? Yikes! Too funny about the end of the work day car farts. I'm not going to be that honest on mine - I carpool and like to blame others for my gas :)

MB said...

yes, I have seen her walk on her toe-knuckles. It's quite amazing. Honey, you should post a picture of yourself doing it.

dmarks said...

"symphony of farts..."

Does that tend to be set more to the sonorous tones of Beethovan, or the staccato of Bach?

Renaissance Woman said...

Ha...I still can't believe that I actually shared my sumphony of sounds. Melissa even said that her first thought while reading this post..."Oh no she didn't"! I did.

Renaissance Woman said...

Oh my...I messed up my own comments. I meant symphony and I know that my punctuation is incorrect. Sorry all of you English people...my love bug!

Kelly O said...

#6: I understand. I'm down with OCD, too. ;)

Queeny said...

Thanks for the tag. Someone else tagged me with this one, too. I'll get to it this weekend. Promise.